Yoga classes on skype, why not?

As I was studying of my yoga classes, I sundenly had an idea, that seemed to perfectly fit my needs.

A yoga class on skype (or online somehow). I came to this idea, mainly because of my mother’s interest on my yoga classes, and thinking on how difficult it would have been to organize yoga classes when I go back to france, knowing it would only be temporary. And then I realized, that if I started to give classes now on skype, then it would only be about getting my students together in france…

So here are the advantages I thought of:

Wherever you live you’ll be able to follow yoga classes.

Reaching people wordly not only locally.

Having the possibility to give yoga classes to greater number of people.

Althought it may seem that the groups benefits of a yoga class are waisted, I beleive that there would be a connection at distance anyway.

You don’t need to leave your home to do yoga, gain of time, energy, and oil!

As kundalini yoga is not frequently thaught it could give people the possibility to learn it easily.

I’ll need to be very precise on how to do the correct posture to avoid injuries.


The last of the advantages could be considered as a disadvantage but I see it in a way that this way I’ll learn to be more precise and the student would need to focus better on my instruction to avoid any negative outcome.

So all disadvantages are turned into good with rigor and precision 🙂

So who would be interested???

(just came to realize that this probably already exist, as yoga videos on the internet, but it is quiet different here as there is a time to meet (wich means the class does take place at the certain time, the place is on the other side wherever you are), although the physical meeting is more virtual here it does take place and a connection is established.


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