a cloud of change

This month challenge in 12 months of creativity is “beginnings and endings’


I thought this month I’d challenge myself to produce more visual arts things, and I have come up with lots of ideas!

So here is to start a drawing I made.

the begining

The idea is that endings and beginnings are powerful situation that bring about change.

On one part of the drawing you have this black cloudy spiraling entity. I have chosen black because I think it’s a powerful color. It’s not always easy to use among colors, but here it fits perfectly. You’ve got this huge clouds releasing or carring the little person in the middle (I’m  thinking about taking this little caracter out of the picture, what do you rekon?).

Something powerful has happened.

Bad or good.

Something that made you realize things couldn’t go on the same.

But you are walking froward. Towards something new beautiful gentle, forgiving, full of love is starting. This is the green soft alveols.

Calmly lighting your way forward. Follow it safely. It was born out of the darkness, it’s power is great.

It was born from the end of something, and starts as a new beginning. Ready to hold you tenderly, and take care of your new self.


Ce dessins à commence avec le thème de ce mois ci sur le blog 12monthscreativity. Le début et la fin. Lorsque quelque chose commence ou s’achève, une énergie puissante est déployée.

Le nuage noir, qui semble tournoyer, représente cette puissance. Le noir, ne viens pas forcement représenter, quelque chose difficile. Mais plutôt quelque chose qui agit à un niveau de conscience profond. Et ce nuage engloutis, accompagne ou projette la silhouette au delà d’elle même.

Et elle s’avance vers quelque chose. De doux, de joyeux , d’aimant et de nouveau.

Marchant vers l’avant, le chemin s’éclaire au devant de toi. Suis le avec confiance. Il naquit de l’obscurité son pouvoir est grand.


2 thoughts on “a cloud of change

  1. I love it Rose. And I can so resonate with this piece in the place I’m at in my life. Its beautiful! I have trouble with adding figures to my work, i always feel like i cant get them to look the way I want. I do like the figure being there – i think it adds some important scale/meaning… if you’re unsure about it, maybe you could play around with a more abstracted figure, or a shape that is just meant to represent a small thing in the midst of all this?

    Excited to share this one at the end of the month! I’ve actually been unsure what I would do this month, and I think you might have sparked an idea for me! Thank you! =D

    • I’m glad you love it, when I saw the final result, I thought it suited you 🙂
      so it’s for you if you want it 🙂
      And that’s great if we can inspire each other mutually! I’m looking forward to see what you come up with:)

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