flight into the darkness


In times like those, I like to find a place in my mind that is safe and beautiful.

I am on a beach, I can feel the sand under my feet and the breeze caressing my skin, my hairs floating in the wind.

All I can see is the beach. There are no houses, nobody. It is sunset. The warm colors of the setting sun reflect in the water. I feel peaceful. I stare at the landscape. Listen to the sounds of the waves, rising and crashing back down. I let my eyes get lost in the beauty that stands before me.

I take a deep breath, and inhale the smells of the sea. As the sun keeps going down I walk forward towards the ocean. My feet are now in the water, its coming and going is gently letting me in. I breath into the smell of the salty water, fresh air. As my body gets into the water the sun follows his course down to reach the horizon. The sky is red, orange, pink and purple. I dive into the water and stare at the sunset from beneath the surface. As I reemerge I let my body float onto the surface of the flowing water. I soon dive back under the water, to come to the surface again and again. Soon I feel like a dolphin, flowing out and into the water, somersaulting into the water, and breathing out of it.

The sun has set now and the stars are slowly appearing. I emerge from the water once again to look at the dark sky. Soon it is filled with bright stars and everything  is so dark that I cannot differentiate the sky from the ocean anymore.  I get out of the water. I am walking onto the sand, and it is as if I was walking in the sky.

I am now walking towards the water again and as I reach the water I feel it’s wet contact on my feet. I walk forward towards the horizon. A strange thing happens. I am not going down into the water as I walk forward. I am simply walking on the water. I am walking towards the stars. Forward into the infinity of the universe. In this darkness I leave myself as I had  known it before, and welcome the light of my changing self.

Mitakuye Onasin.

Nous sommes tous reliés.

We are all linked.


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