leaf away

Sitting there for a while,
enjoying and breathing in your company.

I was staying by my friend’s side,
He who is the greatest of all friends.

He stays by me with no judgement.

He has some preferences,
he likes me barefeet.
When I get closer from him he wispers silently,

“shoes off”

but he has never forced it upon me,
and when it was too cold,
I kept my shoes on.
He never reproached it to me.

I can also say that he is very persuasive.
Probably because he is not here to argue,
He is just here to be.

When I come closer from him I feel his fullness
his strength.

He is timeless.

he has seen so much beauty in his life.
I know that because when I’m around him all I see is beauty.

He is very silent,
and his silent says it all.

He talks of the wind and of the spring.
Of a doe that likes to sleep by his roots.
Of a squirel that jumped on his branches.

My heart goes to you oh beautiful friend
And remains with you forever,
by your roots,
and under your branches.


Assise ici, avec joie, respirant en ta compagnie.

J’étais assise aux cotés de mon ami,
Lui qui est le meilleur de tous.

Il se tient à mes côtés sans jugement.

Il a ses préférences.
Il me préfère pieds nus.
Lorsque je m’approche de lui,
il me le chuchote silencieusement,

“enlève tes chaussures”

Mais il ne m’a jamais forcé, et quand il faisait trop froid,
je gardais mes chaussures,
Il ne me l’a jamais reproché.

Je peux aussi dire de lui qu’il est persuasif,
probablement parce qu’il n’est pas là pour argumenter,
Il est juste là pour être.

Lorsque je m’approche de lui je sens sa plénitude,
sa force.

Il est intemporel.

Il a vu beaucoup de belles choses dans sa vie,
Je le sais grâce à toute la beauté que je vois autour de lui.

Il est très silencieux,
et dans son silence il dit tout.
Il parle des fleurs et du vent, de l’hiver et du printemps,
d’une biche qui aime s’endormir à ses côtés,
D’un écureuil qui a sauté sur ses branches…

Mon cœur t’appartiens au merveilleux ami.
Il reste avec toi pour toujours,
aux pieds de tes racines,
et sous tes branches.

3 thoughts on “A TREE FRIEND

  1. I had a tree outside my bedroom window growing up that I was good friends with. I used to climb up on the roof and sit under his massive, towering branches as they swayed in the wind. This poem so reminded me of that tree and those precious days of youth. Thank you!!

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