I was lying on the ground
Breathing to the rhythm of the earth
listening to the beating of the universe.

There was stars above me,
shinning in the infinity.
They told me how we are all one,
they sang songs that made me belong to them.

I seemed to recall tenderly
That a while ago they were my home.

I felt safe having to rest and breath on the earth
And having them as a blanket,
watching over me.

I felt all was perfect as the wind blew it’s warm air on me.
Before falling asleep
I felt gratitude for this gift of beauty I had been given
And for my life,
It’s gentleness and tenderness.


J’etais allongee sur le sol
respirant au rythme de la terre
J’ecoutais les batements de l’univers

Les etoiles au-dessus
brillantes dans l’infini.
Elles me racontaient que nous sommes tous un.
Elles chantaient des chansons de coeur a coeur.
Leur chants me rappellais
qu’il fus un temps ou elles etaient mon chez moi.

Je me sentais en securite, calme et apaisee,
respirant avec la terre
en son contact
tel un lit immense,
la terre pour me reposer,
les etoiles comme couverture,
Elles me disent qu’elles veillent sur moi.

Alors qu’un vent chaud soufflais doucement sur moi,
Je sentis que tout etait parfait
Avant de m’endormir
Je me sentis pleine de gratitude pour ses presents de beaute,
pour ma vie,
pour sa douceur et sa tendresse.

4 thoughts on “UNDER THE STARS

  1. you recently sent me a message via the indiaflint.com contact page. unfortunately my reply bounced back as the email address you left didn’t work. just letting you know that your message was not ignored, but could not be returned.
    best wishes

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