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flight into the darkness


In times like those, I like to find a place in my mind that is safe and beautiful.

I am on a beach, I can feel the sand under my feet and the breeze caressing my skin, my hairs floating in the wind.

All I can see is the beach. There are no houses, nobody. It is sunset. The warm colors of the setting sun reflect in the water. I feel peaceful. I stare at the landscape. Listen to the sounds of the waves, rising and crashing back down. I let my eyes get lost in the beauty that stands before me.

I take a deep breath, and inhale the smells of the sea. As the sun keeps going down I walk forward towards the ocean. My feet are now in the water, its coming and going is gently letting me in. I breath into the smell of the salty water, fresh air. As my body gets into the water the sun follows his course down to reach the horizon. The sky is red, orange, pink and purple. I dive into the water and stare at the sunset from beneath the surface. As I reemerge I let my body float onto the surface of the flowing water. I soon dive back under the water, to come to the surface again and again. Soon I feel like a dolphin, flowing out and into the water, somersaulting into the water, and breathing out of it.

The sun has set now and the stars are slowly appearing. I emerge from the water once again to look at the dark sky. Soon it is filled with bright stars and everything  is so dark that I cannot differentiate the sky from the ocean anymore.  I get out of the water. I am walking onto the sand, and it is as if I was walking in the sky.

I am now walking towards the water again and as I reach the water I feel it’s wet contact on my feet. I walk forward towards the horizon. A strange thing happens. I am not going down into the water as I walk forward. I am simply walking on the water. I am walking towards the stars. Forward into the infinity of the universe. In this darkness I leave myself as I had  known it before, and welcome the light of my changing self.

Mitakuye Onasin.

Nous sommes tous reliés.

We are all linked.


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snowy light

“The optimist sees the darkness and the light, and he chooses to focus on the light, the pessimist sees only darkness and ignore the light exists” , a dancing friend.

light and dark

“l’optimiste voit l’obscurité et la lumière, et pourtant il choisit de concentrer son attention sur la lumière, le pessimiste ne vois que la noirceur et ignore l’existence de la lumière” , une amie.


into the woods

There was a fox staring and sniffing around.

It moved on the snowy hill wondering about.

I stood down the hill staring in awe.

I walked up the opposite hill, taking slow steps into frozen water and crunchy snow.

I looked back to see the fox.

It was running down the hill.

With him was another fox.

They were running down hill.

Playful and wild.

They came closer and I could see their orange fur.

They turned left and run into the forest.

I could see them running in between trees, running free.

And I thought, it is so easy, to run wild.

How could we crave for more?

As I saw the foxes running in the wood,

I felt a whisper in my heart.

An old memory coming back to the surface.

A memory of the time when human run wild in the woods.

I felt it in my flesh, in my blood, and in my beating heart.

in awe

Il y avait un renard reniflant et trottinant.

Il se tenait sur une colline eneigée.

J’observée en bas de la colinne , émerveillée.

Je me mis à monter sur la colline opposée,

à pas lent j’avançais sur l’eau gelée et dans la neige cracante.

Je me retournais pour voir le renard.

Il descendait la colinne en courrant.

Avec lui courrait un autre renard.

Ils descendaient en courrant.

Joueurs et sauvages.

Il se rapprochais et je pus distingués la couleur orange de leur fourrure.

Il tournèrent à gauche, vers la forêt.

Je pus les voir courrir entre les arbres, libres.

Je me dis, comme c’est simple, courrir librement.

Pourquoi vouloir plus?

Alors que je les regardaient courrant dans la forêt,

j’entendis mon coeur frissoner.

Un souvenir ancien refaisait surface.

Un souvenir du temps où le hommes courraient librement dans les bois, sauvages.

Je le ressentis dans ma chair, dans mon sang, et dans les batements de mon coeur.

Boum, Boum , Boum.

falling snow

snowy trees


As the snow falls and falls

on my face,

I become an art piece.

Drawn by the snow.

How amazing it seems

when the snow covers the warm earth.

I walk and walk ,

my path home.

One step forward and one step back.

the cold wind blows

and blows,

blowing me away in the wind.

All is white and silent,

but the footprints of the dear

on my door step

tells me there are more going on

than what I would have thought.

Sing oh sing sing

snowy mountain !

Sing for me !

Show me your hidden secrets

wild forest and animals.


Alors que la neige, tombe, tombe,

sur mon visage,

je deviens une oeuvre d’art.

Dessinée par la neige.

Quel spectacle incroyable

la Terre se met en scène et se recouvre de neige.

Je marche, marche,

cheminant jusque chez moi.

Un pas devant, un pas derrière.

Le vent froid souffle, souffle,

je m’envole en milles morceaux

dans le vent froid d’hiver.

Tout est blanc et silencieux,

mais les empreintes

de biche au pieds de ma porte,

me chuchote qu’il se passe plus,

que je n’aurais crus.

Chante, oh chante, chante

montagne blanche!

Chante pour moi!

Montre moi tes secrets

mistérieuse forêts et animaux sauvages.




the chairs in a galerie?

chaise motif


In a gallery the sculpture becomes a painting.

Between 3d and 2d.

it doubles, and between the two paintings starts a dialogue

artisanal versus contemporary art.

In the space we move throughout this art piece,

we inhabit it

make sense of it.

How meaningless would it be for those chairs to be sculptures

if it wasn’t for us to look at them

in a space where art takes over,

the streets or a gallery?

dessin chaise5

doors of change

Begining and endings.


Doors open and close.

In the wind they blow, bang and sing,

wave and dance.

New doors appear and open a new path.

Old doors are closed for ever.

And in the middle of this mist

I try to figure out a way,

back to you.

I painted this door. The spray painting I used were half used, so each color, is the end of the can. It was the first time I used spray painting for a while, I liked

it. I hope to  end up somehow doing street art, I’ve got some ideas with my moon woman 🙂



A life of change

text written on the 17/12/12

As the year end. As I look back,

I see myself two years ago.

Who I was, and who I am now.

I see the path I have taken.

That I’ve choosen against others opinion

for my own.

As we come to the end of this year,

I find myself having to go even deeper in the choices I made.

Experiencing life among people,

within a community,

more strongly that I ever imagined myself doing so.

It all started two years ago.

I choosed to drop art school, and follow a path of travel and discovery.

I found , love, and nourishiment.

Friendship, and more food for my heart and soul,

I was more hungry than I tought.

I found the friends that have inspired me in my daily live,

althought they are at the other side of the world.

I met the children that make me cry of joy when I look at their beauty,

and at the love their parents hold for them.

I discovered a possibility to develop my creativity, everywhere I go,

and to share it with all of those who love to hear about it.

I discovered that on the internet, there is potential to live as a community as well.

I have lived it, and I am living it as I write those words.

I discovered that I’m not that messy in the end.

That somebody could love me so much, that he will forgive me anything,

that I could also forgive it all.

I discovered respect fo myself and others.

Love in all of those I met.

In my family that I have known for so long,

in the new people my path has crossed with.

If the world ends on friday, I’ll die as happy as I am.

I’m ready to live.

I love you all, you who have touch my heart.

Thank you.



Alors que l’année s’achève,

Je regarde derrière moi,

pour me voir il y 2 ans.

Ce que j’étais et ce que je ne suis plus.

le chemin que j’ai pris,

les choix que j’ai faits pour moi-même

contre ceux des autres.

Alors que nous approchons de la fin de l’année,

Je me dois d’aller encore plus loin dans les choix que j’ai faits.

Expérimentant la vie en groupe,

au sein d’une communauté,

plus encore que je m’en imaginais capable.

Tout commenças il y a deux ans,

Lorsque je choisis d’arrêter les beaux arts,

pour suivre un chemin de voyages et de découvertes.

J’y trouvais l’amour et de la nourriture.

Des amis, qui nourrirent mon cœur et mon âme.

J’avais plus faim que je ne le savais.

J’ai rencontré les amis qui m’inspirent chaque jour,

alors qu’ils vivent à l’autre bout du monde.

J’ai rencontré les enfants qui me font pleurer de  joie de part leur beauté,

et pour l’amour que leurs parents ont pour eux.

J’ai découvert que je pouvais créer ou que j’aille,

en le partageant avec ceux qui aiment savoir ce que je fais.

J’ai découvert qu’à travers internet, réside un potentiel communautaire réel,

Je l’ai vécu. Et je le vis maintenant en écrivant ces mots.

J’ai découvert que finalement je ne suis pas si désordonnée.

Qu’on pouvait être aimer tellement, qu’on serait pardonnée de tout, et tout pardonner en retour.

J’ai découvert le respect pour moi-même et pour les autres.

L’amour dans tous ceux que j’ai croisés sur mon chemin.

je l’ai redécouvert dans ma famille, qui m’accompagne depuis toujours.

Si c’est la fin du monde vendredi, je mourais aussi heureuse que je le suis.

Je suis prête a vivre.

Je vous aime , vous qui avez touché mon cœur.


the chairs

It all started with a chair, and an idea for a sculpture.

Then suddenly I had two chairs.

And another idea.

It could have ended with two chairs, and two ideas.

But, as I took pictures, I came up with new ideas, other possibilities.

And it went on and on, ideas giving birth to other ideas.

I’m not sure if it ever ended or not,

in the end.


chaise seule


two chairs